The Good Doctor

A grassy hill scene. At the top towards the right of the middle, there's a house with a red swirly roof, two chimneys with smoke coming out, a door and a round window. To the left is a big wavy red flag, with a minion underneath it. To the left of that is a ladder that leads up a wavy hill to a white sign with nothing on it. To the left of the sign is water with tight triangle and circle patterns in it. To the right of the house is layered water in hues of turquoise and blue. Below the house are tunnels reminiscent of ant tunnels. Inside the tunnels, left to right, are: a carrot house, a house with a chimney and purple clouds in the background, with two minions to the right of it, an empty tunnel room, a tunnel room with a simple house, a tunnel room with a puff of pink smoke, and a tunnel room with a minion. In the hill are green patterns, and minion windows.