Gifts From a Tornado Or a Fart

The background is black. At the left, a shape reminiscent of a tornado, fart, or poop, swirls around. Out of the fart-like thing pops a present - with lime green wrapping paper with red triangles, and pink and red ribbon with a bow. Bob, a yellow character, is seen with his torso and feet popping out of the package. In the middle are pink and red exclamation marks. On the right are two more packages. The top one is wrapped in wrapping paper that's lime green with pink squares, and with orange ribbon and an orange bow. Out of this package comes a fishing pole, that looks a little like a gun. On the end of the fishing pole string is a fishing bobber, a hula dancer lure, and a hook. The bottom package is wrapped in wrapping paper that is lime green with purple circles. It has purple and pink ribbon on it with a bow. Out of this package appears Business Bear - a bear in a white shirt and blue striped tie, reminiscent of Milton in Office Space. He's holding papers - TPS reports - and a red stapler, with a dazed look on his face.