The Proper Use of Band-Aids

A green landscape shows a cactus, with either long roots or breaks in the ground. The roots or breaks lead to two smaller cacti. Each cactus has yellow flowers on it. At the top, an arc of water arcs from a hiking boot (bottom left) to a house (top right). The house has windows and chimneys, a red roof, a door, and two windows on the door. A creature spans the gap between the arc and the water, providing a place for the water to enter the house. Rainclouds add more water to the side of the water that is feeding the house. Band-Aids cover the arc. The bottommost Band-Aid patches a dripping pool of blood. Below the hiking boot is another pool of blood. Below the arc of the water is another smaller house, much like the bigger house, except with two doors, three doors lined up to the right of the house and freestanding, with a fourth (or 6th) door collapsed to the ground in a puff of smoke.