She Loves the Bottle

A character with lime green hair grins at a purple bottle to the right. The character has big yellow hair with shapes in it, and splotches of light purple. The splotches have ants in them. The woman has a toothy grin, blue eyes, moles and freckles, a purple necklace reminiscent of the Twinkle Tush in 'adventure lion', and a pink outfit in swirly patterns with orange polka dot, then orange striped pattern around the neck. The character has pink fingernails, and her right arm reaches up and through her big hair, holding a brown hairbrush. To the right, on an antique wooden table, stands a big purple bottle with ants in it. Some of the ants have big yellow straight hairdos. The label shows two happy lime green faces with straight yellow hairdos, and one sad lime green face with a big puffy yellow hairdo like the character. The bottle also features a skull & bones, rainbow, 'x', and orange exclamation mark.