Inside Out

An outdoor scene. In the background, there's a purple volcano exploding with red lava, and two yellow moons - one full, and one crescent - coming up out of the sky. In the middle is a square, a window into an indoor scene. The indoor scene includes a purple chair, a TV with an exclamation mark on it, a turquoise 50s refrigerator with an exclamation on it, packages with exclamations on them, and a purple and blue striped cat, sleeping. The window is lined with cacti on one side, angels on sticks on the next side, pine trees on the next side, and floppy flowers at hte top. At the bottom, there's an island surrounded by water. Bob stands on the island, holding an umbrella to keep him save from the falling lava, lava from the exploding volcano. To the right, a water snake looks down at hiim and hisses. To the left, lava floats on top of the water, and a boat with a life saving buoy and a question mark floats on top.