The Inventor

A factory. In the foreground, you see the very top of a professor's head facing us - just his wavy purple hair. He has green skin, and you see his hands holding tweezers with a smiling yellow square in them (his right hand, our left), and in his left hand, he's holding a long green smiling rectangle. In the background is a factory. The machinery is making 3 different parts: green rectangles, yellow squares, and purple triangles. The green rectangles start as turquoise rectangles falling from funnels from the top. They go along conveyor belts, turn lime green, and shoot upwards. Orange squares fall from another funnel at the top, fall into a pit of orange liquid, then go on another conveyor belt - this one in the water - and turn into yellow squares after they go under a yellow light. In another area, red triangles fall from a funnel, land on a conveyor belt, and go under purple lights and turn purple. In the background are two posters. the left poster has a lime green face with lime green hair, and a lime green question mark on it. the poster on the right has a disguise - purple glasses, nose, and purple mustache - with purple shapes reminiscent of peanuts.