Suspicious Turtles – Part 2

In the foreground, there's a turtle with patches of hair, brown teeth, a crooked smile, patches of yellow and brown skin, and an eye in a red and white bullseye pattern, reminiscent of the Saw character. He is grinning, and you see a bit of his turtle shell - green with square patterns, and a yellow and brown striped underbelly. In the background, turtles are lined up like lemmings, walking to the left. Above them is a billboard that shows a happy, well-fed turtle facing a big pile of red fluffy stuff, and an orange sign leftward. Hanging from the sky, just above a ledge that the turtles are headed towards, are red fluffy clouds matching the billboard. The turtles, trying to reach the fluffy clouds, are falling off the cliff in heaps, and piling up at the bottom. On the left is a half-evergreen (left half), half-deciduous (right half) tree.