Magic in My Pants

The background is purple (top) fading to black (bottom). In the middle are a paid of blue pants with suspenders and red and white striped socks, standing up as if someone were occupying them. There are purple and pink spirals and stars coming out of the pants. At the top right, a green geometric shape is hanging from the sky, smiling. He has one hand, and looks like he might be a square that is missing an L-shaped piece. Next to him is an L-shaped piece with an arm - it might be his missing piece, although it's not exactly the right size. Below that, on the ground, is a lamp with a blue and green zigzag lampshade, that's turned on and shining yellow light at the ground. To the right of the pants is a tiny city with buildings in shades of yellow and orange. One building is blowing puffs of smoke upwards. To the right of that is a laughing rock, sitting with two other regular rocks. Above the rocks is a billboard with a question mark on it, and three lights above the billboard are shining light on the question mark.