The Neighbors Make Us Nervous

A sandcastle in patterns of beige. At the right of the sandcastle is a turquoise shovel, taller than the castle. In the background are mounds of sand, and the ocean in the distance. In the castle, there are two windows. In the left window, two aliens are seen facing each other with long lime green tongues swirled out. In the right window, a lime green alien stands with its tongue swirled out. At the top of the castle, outside, there is a pink and red flag, and anohter alien with way yellow hair and a blue tunic. On the left of the castle, on a platform, an alien with long blonde hair stands in a hot pink tunic, with tongue swirled out in front of her. She looks like she might be jumping into a small pool-like above ground container below. The pool is blue with a yellow star on it, and has a pink liquid in it that is spilling out over the top. At the bottom of this scene is a walkway leading up to the castle door. The walkway is lined with paper bag luminaries. In the middle of the walkway is an iconic yellow and red Little Tykes car, and a blue ball with a yellow star on it. To the left of the walkway, under the platform the woman is standing on, is a green hose, curled around a holder, and leaking blue water. To the right of the walkway are two beer bottles, shells, a starfish, and a sand dollar.